Be Engaged in Nursing Leadership!

The Nominations Committee would like to extend an invitation to all MONA members to submit your name as a candidate for the offices of:

This position serves as the chair of the MONA Board of Directors, presides at all meetings of MONA and conducts the meetings by a formal order of business. The President is the face of MONA, serving as the official representative and spokesperson of MONA on matters of policy and position. The President will deliver a Membership Assembly address and perform all duties of the office. Other duties include: serving as ex-officio member of all committees (except Nominations Committee) and representing MONA at the ANA Membership Assembly. Must be able to commit annually to participate in 3 Board meetings at the MONA office, attendance at various MONA events, occasional trips throughout the state to represent MONA at the regional level, and frequent committee conference calls. Candidates must be a full member of both MONA/ANA. The office of the President can only be filled by a current or past board member.

This position has a seat on the MONA Board of Directors and is responsible for keeping minutes of all MONA meetings in which the President presides. The VP of Communication will ensure that an ongoing comprehensive communication plan is developed, implemented, and evaluated for the purpose of maintaining open and consistent communication with the MONA membership. The VP of Communications will be the chair of the Communications Committee. Must be able to commit annually to participate in 3 Board meetings at the MONA office and occasional conference calls.

This position has a seat on the MONA Board of Directors and serves as Chair of the MONA Practice Committee. The Practice Director will influence nursing professional practice issues and nursing policy covering a broad range of health care settings, specialties, nursing roles and practice challenges. Must be able to commit annually to participate in Board meetings at the MONA office and 6-7 committee conference calls.

This position has a seat on the MONA Board of Directors in a non-voting capacity. The Board Leadership Fellow is for nurses who are interested in Board Leadership and would like to develop those skills and abilities. The Fellow will be able available to fill unexpected vacancies in the board or other leadership roles. This position would be able to run for the role of MONA President.

This position is responsible for the business of the region including, but not limited to, organizing regional meetings, serving as the regional representative on the Nominations Committee, and acting as the liaison between the regional members and the Member Services Director. The Member Services Director shall be elected from the group of Regional Chairs to serve on the MONA Board. There are seven Regional Chair positions, one from the Northwest, Northeast, West Central, Central, East Central, Southwest and Southeast MONA regions.

To be considered for the position of Regional Director, you must be a MONA member residing within the region you would like to serve. Must be able to commit to participate in 6-7 committee conference calls and hold a minimum of 3 events in your region annually.

Application for the nominations for the 2020 Election for the Missouri Nurses Association (MONA) Board. Positions up for election are the President, Vice President of Communication, the Practice Director, Board Leadership Fellow (non-voting position on the board), and all seven Regional Chair positions. A Regional Chair must live in the region they will be representing. Term of service for all of these positions is January 1, 2021-Dec. 31, 2022. **Please note the office of the President can only be filled by a current or past board member**

All participating leaders must complete this form to run for an elected position within the Missouri Nurses Association. Candidates must be a current MONA member in good standing to run for office and qualified to perform the duties for the position that they are applying. Submission of this application indicates that you understand the duties and responsibilities of the office for which you are submitting your name. If elected, you agree to fulfill the duties of the office to the best of your ability.

All nominations will be reviewed by the MONA Nominations committee for fitness for office. An application does not constitute an acceptance of your nomination. An application can be rejected based on lack of qualifications for the position that the applicate applied. Please fill out the application fully and completely. Questions?  Contact Heidi Lucas at

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