Caroline Davis has been instrumental in the development of the stature of the Missouri Nurses Association. She represented the Missouri Nurses Association as its Executive Director for many years. During her tenure as the Executive Director, she achieved two stunning victories for nursing that have been used for precedent setting and legal reference over and over by the nursing profession and the legal community universally.

The Sermcheif vs. Gonzalez case and its impact on advance practice nursing for the state of Missouri is known nationally. The decision of this trial clearly supported advance practice in Missouri and provided the foundation for recognition of advance nursing practice.

The veto override for revision of the Nurse Practice Act in 1975 & 1976 is continually referenced as a nursing victory in the state. It is the only veto override accomplished by nurses to date and is one of the first veto override of a governor in Missouri’s legislative history. This override is the first and only time in the history of the Missouri Nurses Association that the collective action of nurses on a professional issue occurred.

During the tenure of Caroline Davis as executive director of the Missouri Nurses Association, the legislative committee was formed. It was also during her tenure that the political action committee was inaugurated. They are in existence today and are the reference and reason for many nurses belonging to the Missouri Nurses Association.

Caroline Davis has done many things behind the scenes to promote Missouri nurses and the profession of nursing. It is very fitting to recognize Caroline for these outstanding actions on behalf of Missouri Nurses and her contribution to the work of nursing