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.pdf, .doc or .docx formats are accepted.



a. Advanced the practice of nursing as a profession;
b. Improved the quality of health care;
c. Adhered to professional nursing standards;
d. Supported professional nursing education in the state of Missouri;
e. Influenced health care policy;
f. Contributed to the enhancement and progress of the nursing profession on a state, national and/or international level



1. Degree Diploma | Area of Study | Year | Educational Institution
2. Degree Diploma | Area of Study | Year | Educational Institution
3. Etc.


Once a nominee is selected and has accepted their induction to the hall of fame, a MONA committee member will conduct an interview with the nominee. The committee member will then write a narrative based on the interview, and will then submit the narrative to the nominee for final approval.
  • Contributions in health-related areas with global impact
  • Significant impact throughout her/his career that influenced healthcare in Missouri
  • Change agent in the delivery of care and influence on nursing practice
  • Held leadership position(s) in healthcare and/or education that influenced the nursing profession
  • Contributions as an elected officer in nursing professional organizations, service, and influence on nursing practice
  • Research & Development involving programs that improve patient care
  • Innovation affecting healthcare and/or practice with a state or global impact
  • Held or currently holding statewide office
  • Years practiced as a Registered Nurse
  • Years actively engaged in healthcare
  • Published articles, chapters and/or books that influenced education, administration or practice
  • Speaker at state or national conferences
  • Consultant on state or national issues impacting the nursing profession
  • Received prior recognition for nursing excellence


The following is additional information about the nominee that may assist the awards committee during the selection process:
Detailing the nominee’s educational background, work experience, publications, community contributions, honors and awards.
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