Chemical dependency is clearly defined as the use, misuse and/or abuse of a substance by persons unable or unwilling to terminate its utilization. The Missouri Nurses Association (MONA) recognizes addiction as a disease characterized by a chronic, progressive process that may destroy the nurse, the family and eventually the community.

MONA recognizes that nurses throughout the State of Missouri, because of a variety of exposures and the nature of their practice, appear to be at a higher risk for addiction. In order to address this disease and the accompanying issues within the nursing profession, MONA has a Peer Assistance Committee. This committee serves as a resource and support for all nurses and nursing students in the state of Missouri.

The functions of the Peer Assistance Committee include but are not limited to:

  • assessing the nature and impact of the disease of addiction on nursing practice in the State of Missouri;
  • educating nurses, nursing students and residents, employers and the public about addiction;
  • investigating the availability and effectiveness of treatment resources in the State;
  • advocating research into the education, prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery from addiction; and,
  • assisting individuals, groups and/or organizations when requested in the formulation of guidelines regarding intervention, treatment, aftercare and re-entry into the workplace of addicted nurses.

If you are currently battling with chemical dependency and need assistance from a neutral, confidential party please contact:

MONA Peer Assistance Committee
Dianna Phares, Chair
573-636-4623, x228