The following suggestions are optional assignments for students, faculty and groups attending Missouri Nurse Advocacy Day, provided by the Missouri Nurses Association. Section A lists tasks designed for students/group members to complete prior to attending the event. Section B lists tasks for students/group members to complete during the event. Section C focuses on learning that may occur after the event.

This guide is offered to enhance the student’s and faculty’s participation and learning at Missouri Nurse Advocacy Day. All legislative bills in current form are available at

A. Prior to attending Missouri Nurse Advocacy Day

  1. Obtain the names of your state Senator and state Representative.
  2. Print MONA’s Nurse Advocacy Day Legislative Priorities
  3. Outline how a bill becomes a law in Missouri
  4. Contact your legislator(s) for an appointment during Missouri Nurse Advocacy Day i.e. a meeting, a photo, or for breakfast at the Capitol Plaza
  5. View the Schoolhouse Crock: How a Bill REALLY Becomes a Law in the 21st Century

B. During Missouri Nurse Advocacy Day

  1. Discover how to become involved in the political process.
  2. Participate in the political process by listening to a presentation of a bill in the House or Senate Chambers or attend a committee hearing while at the Capitol.
  3. For each bill mentioned by presenters, list the following:
    1. Bill #
    2. Bill summary/topic
    3. Support or opposition
    4. Application of the bill topic to nursing practice

C. After Missouri Nurse Advocacy Day

  1. Write a letter to your legislator supporting or opposing any of the bills presented.
  2. Make an appointment with Jill Kliethermes, Missouri Executive Director, for more information on legislative activities during this session of the Missouri Legislature.